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Name:Alias 500
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Welcome to Alias 500

The community started out with weekly challenges and a 500 word limit. Now it is a flash fiction com similar to numb3rsflashfic and ncis_flashfic


Challenges will be posted on Sunday and run for two weeks.

Fic should be at least 100 words minium. There is no maximum limit.

With Alias off the air for several years now, no spoiler warnings are needed.

Any fic over 300 words or rated R and higher, need to be behind a cut tag.

All ratings, pairings, including het, slash and gen are welcomed. All challenges are Alias focused but crossovers are welcomed.

The stories are tagged by Author and Challenge. Tags are listed on the sidebar of the community.

Please be considered of others. No flaming will be tolerated.

If you wish to promote a community please contact me at jenab at for permission to do so.

Please suggest any challenges you would like to see. You can post your suggestions in the latest Challenge post.
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